KSSC Kineton Cinema and  Film Club has been showing films at the Club since January 2009. The majority of attendees are KSSC Members but non members are also welcome (they have to pay the KSSC signing in fee to use the Top Bar facilities).  

Initially we only showed films that came under the auspices of Stratford District Council's Rural Cinema (Moving Pictures) scheme which aimed to provide a high quality cinematic experience to people living in areas of rural isolation, and to help increase the use, value and sustainability of community venues throughout the district.

In the Autumn of 2017 the Council withdrew their support for the scheme. KSSC decided to implement their own initiative and KSSC Kineton Cinema was created. Using the skills of KSSC members we designed and installed our own 'surround sound' cinema system. In addition to Films the system has Bluetooth capability and can be used for discos , meetings and to provide background music. We continue to operate under the aims of the SDC Moving Pictures initiative (see above) and we are fortunate to get annual Grants from Kineton Parish Council.

We currently show two films per month on the second and fourth Fridays and attendance at films is open to both KSSC members and non-members. Films can be either ticket (currently £3 admission) or 'Free to Members' with  non-KSSC members charged a nominal signing in fee. Paid entrance fee films are advertised via the Outlook, Village and Club Noticeboards and E Mail distribution lists, advertising for 'Free to Members' is restricted to E Mail and Club Noticeboards (a restriction placed ion us by our Licence). E Mail kssclub@hotmail.com to be placed on the distribution list.

To date we have shown over 200 films ranging from Oscar winning blockbusters e'g. Slumdog Millionaire, La La Land to the more obscure gems e.g. Pride, Red Dog, One Chance. We encourage members to send in requests , suggestions and recommendations.Audience sizes vary but our average attendance is around 50. We would like to extend our range of films to show an additional 'Family' orientated film each month  but have yet to discover a formula that works successfully.


For more information on KSSC Kineton Cinema please contact Roy Harris 01926 642229, harrisrle@hotmail.com